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What does Tag Wizard mean?

Tags are what we call the group of keywords on each website's profile.
The idea is, obviously, to search through these when you are looking for a specific website.

An element of magic is involved - hence the "wizard" part;)

How do I submit a website?

Easy! Simply click "Browse" on the menu, and navigate to the category which best fits the type of website you are submitting. Here's an example:

You would like to submit the site, "Amazing Flash Games".
The category which best matches the website is "Online Games/Flash Games". On this category's page, you click "Submit a website to this category" and fill in the form.

It can't get much easier than that! Once you've submitted the website, it is sent to the moderators for review. This is a quick process and nothing to worry about. After it has been approved, you can start customising it's profile page by uploading a thumbnail screenshot of the website for everyone to see, and/or uploading a small button icon which is shown on the website listings and makes the website stand out.

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose is to get as many good quality websites submitted as possible, make them easy to browse/search, and allow people to discuss them in a way that is helpful to other potential users of the websites.

There is a community factor involved too - you can make your favourite websites appear on your own profile, so you can remember them, and your friends can see your interests too!

How do I get my websites shown on the homepage/directory?

There are two ways to make your websites more visible on Tag Wizard. The first way is through voting. Get the special HTML code provided and add it somewhere on your website. When an existing user of your site votes for you, your website's profile on Tag Wizard records the incoming traffic.

The more traffic flowing in and out of your profile, the move visible it is on the Tag Wizard listings. Incredibly popular websites are even shown on the homepage to give them extra attention.

The second, and most reliable way to make your website visible is to advertise on Tag Wizard. You can advertise any of the websites you have submitted on the homepage and any directory that your website is filed under. For example:

A website filed under "Index/Online Games/Flash Games" can advertise on the Homepage, the "Index" page, the "Online Games" category and the "Flash Games" subcategory.

You can buy advertising space for days, weeks or months at a time. The advertisement is actually the button icon that you uploaded for your website. The button icon is displayed in a prominent location on the page of your choosing, constantly, until the days you paid for run out.
Make sure you have a nice button icon, or you won't get as much attention!

What happens to my submitted websites if I don't log in for a long time?

If you have submitted a website, but have been away for several months, another user may be given the task of maintaining the website's profile in your absense. This is a community-based project, and there has to be someone around to keep things up-to-date.

Please note, this usually only happens after your account is considered dead. We don't do it very often, but sometimes it's important that we do so.

If you return to Tag Wizard and wish to re-acquire the responsibility of maintaining any website submissions that you have lost, you can request it. If you actually own the website in question, you always have priority over other users, so don't worry.